Menu plans

As a part of my 'frugal living' challenge to myself I'm going to start listing my weekly menu plans here.

Week 14th June

  1. Schnitzel, baby potatoes, kale
  2. chickpea and chorizo stew
  3. pumpkin soup
  4. Spinach and feta pie
  5. frittata (empty the fridge)
  6. roast  Found a 2kg Mt Barker chicken at the supermarket reduced to $6.30!  There's two meals in that!
  7. potato  and kale soup
  1. Banana cake
  2. Chocolate cake
  3. muffins (berry, apple, lemon and poppy seed)

Week 2:  21st June 2010

1. Roast Pork ($5kg from Coles total cost $8), roast potatoes, pumpkin from the garden, kale from the garden
2. Fritatta with left over roast vegies
3. Potato, kale and Chorizo soup with homemade bread
4. Chicken skewers $1 each from local chicken shop
5. Fried rice
6. empty the fridge soup
7. Curry of some sort -whatever meat I can find on special and bung into the slow cooker all day.

Week 3: 11 July 2010

1. Steamed Pumpkin cous cous with sundried tomato, cashew nut and red pepper dressing
2. Kale, chorizo and chickpea soup
3. Roast Chicken and vegies (4x sweet corn reduced to $1.99, kale from garden, sweet potato from garden, rice.
4. 1/2kg of Baramundi I've found at the bottom of the freezer (bought on sale $12kg) stir fried vegies (kale and snowpeas froom garden) and rice.
5. Empty the fridge soup (stock made from chicken bones)
6. Spaghetti and meatballs (3 x $1.50 rissoles broken up and mixed with grated carrot, zucchini, and an egg and rolled into balls.  Pan fried in a cup of milk, then add a tin of tomatoes (79 cents at supermarket in bulk a few months ago)
7. Homemade pizza (another empty the fridge meal.

Week 12th July 2010

1. Macaroni cheese made with various scraps from the cheese box (Tasmania goumet range reduced down to $2)
2. Steamboat:  a electric frypan filled with stock in which you cook sliced meats/chicken/seafood and serve with different dips (hoisin, sweet chili, soy sauce) and rice.  A good empty the freezer meal
3. Steamboat again - because you always prepare way too much and have to cook it the next day
4. Pizza - empty the fridge
5. Chickpea soup from Thermomix full steam ahead.
6. Butter chicken
7. Cabanara pasta (I always have a carton of cream which I need to use up in the fridge)

Week 19th July and 26th July 2010

Blown the budget weeks as The Husband has been overseas and I decided that I wanted to eat all the things that he refuses to eat;  Thai food, curries, roasts, steak with pepper sauce!  Had pot luck dinners with friends and just chilling as you do :)