Preserving list

19 January 2009

10kg’s tomatoes into sauce, soup, paste. All frozen and labelled.

3kg’s plums: jam

1kg rhubarb: stewed fruit, heat bath processed.

1kg beetroot: pickled it in a vinegar/sugar/clove mixture

23rd January 2009

3 jars apple and plum jam

28th January 2009

Kim Chee Ok, I taste tested this recipe and found it way to salty. Drained it and did another vinegar, sugar, water mix without the salt. Let’s see how this goes.

31st January 2009

3x size 20 Fowlers Vacola jars of apricots. Woohoo, my very first effort

10kg’s tomatoes processed into pasta sauce. Stored in the freezer.

8 Jan 2010

20kg’s tomatoes made into pasta sauce

11 Jan 2010

500grams mulberries made 1 jar of mulberry syrup for yoghourt

14th June 2010
Trying the slow cooker apple butter recipe.  Will update tomorrow how many jars it makes (used 2.5kg's of apples)  One large jar and about a cup of leftovers to spoon over icecream.

17th June 2010
1ltr thermomix tomato ketchup

I'm back preserving!


2 x 5 litres of sauerkraut
4 litres of white radish
2 litres of picalilli
2 jars blueberry jam
2 litres blueberry cordial
5 litres of lemon juice frozen
1 large jar bread and butter pickles