Thursday, 7 February 2008

Dig for Victory Challenge!

Hey guys, come and join in!

How cool is this idea!

Come on, I have signed up and now need just five of you to commit to this and join in!

The FoodShed Planet Victory Garden DriveGoal (for without a goal there is no
compass on the journey): TWO MILLION NEW GARDENS PLANTED IN 2008. Backyard
gardens, community gardens, school gardens, windowsill gardens--they all count.
Anywhere on our FoodShed Planet.

Let's get this happening all over Australia too!


I have a team coming together already!

The FishKeeper's wife
Apprentice Goddess

A team, A team!

I will try to set up a section where we can chat about how we will grow, where and what! Mwah!


karenmc said...

Ok - I've thought about it, and I'm in. The state of the garden now, it pretty much counts as starting from scratch. I'll take some before photos soon. Thanks for the shove ;)

jennifer said...

Since we just moved,I guess that this will be considered a new garden and this year my garden will be nearly 1 acre(total when I add the beds together)which is way bigger than we ever have had before, so I am in.

I post about my life and frugal lifestyle on

And we just finished our greenhouse, something we have never had before. And yes after 9-11 I have often wondered what if?

rye said...

Yep I'll do it Lara, my garden is hopeless, this will inspire me to get it started....
Count me in!!

Lillybel76 said...

Hey Lara, i'm in too! As you know we're just abou to fix up our backyard, so perfect opportunity!

goingferal(ish) said...

I'm in as I realised this afternoon that I did all my planting in January so it was 2008.

Now, wise one, tell me how to harvest artichoke seeds from the dead flower head?

TheCrone said...

LOL, Dunno! Put an old stocking over the top to collect the seed? That's what I do with everything else!

I have only ever grown them from digging some up from a friends stash.

rye said...

Ok so I started yesterday!!
I planted zucchin and lettuce seeds...
Also broccoli, snow pea, lettuce and leek seedlings. We have a water tak which we are using for water, also catching shower water and using a watering can. I think we may also have some self sown pumpkins from compost but not sure if they're going to do anything or not... Will be trying to keep it all alive....

rye said...

I meant to say carrot seeds, not lettuce seeds....

Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

I need help with motivation, so please sign me up! :) Having read Michael Pollan's "Omnivore's Dilemna" this week, I'm keen to get pro-active about my family food security.