Saturday, 15 March 2008

And this little piggy

Built a bed of straw :)

I am going to pour some pee from the tot's potty onto the straw bales each day as well as give them a good soaking. That way I will be able to plant into the bales, leaving a couple free to sit on and rest! I got this idea from The Wild backyard blog.

And now a few of the promised pics for the Gardening Challenge;

Rocket seedlings emerging


And the bean which has decided to climb up onto the pergola

You will notice throughout my garden beds cheap tan bark mulch and pebbly mulchy things. This is because the people who lived here before put yellow builders sand on top of the native WA sand, topped that off with the pebbly mulch and /or tan bark.

I have scrapped off as much of the builders sand and mulches as possible but it still turns up like a bad penny.

They literally only planted six palm trees and cooch grass! Sigh.

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Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

Looks delicious already! So green!

After having the chooks free-ranging in my garden this week, my start on the victory garden has completely disappeared :(. But that just confirms my belief that the location was wrong anyway...

Can you send me some of that green finger magic?