Wednesday, 5 March 2008

It's going to be a busy day today

  • Make some more laundry liquid DONE!
  • Bake a monkey cake (you know, it makes me smile every time I type that!) DONE!
  • Bake some potatoes for dinner (utilize the top shelf of the oven to save energy) DONE!
  • Make some tortilla dough for freezing DONE!
  • Bake a batch of berry muffins
  • Plant up the sprouting garlic and ginger I found in the back of the cupboard as part of the growing challenge.
  • Plant some more chick peas (Yeah I know you are supposed to wait until Saint Patricks day to plant peas), another let's try it for the growing challenge!
  • Do a pile of washing (which means folding tonight whilst watching House) DONE!
  • Clean the kitchen and bathroom (bicarb and vinegar) DONE!
  • Make the Ginger Beer Plant DONE!
  • Transplant some more cabbage seedlings from my starter boxes DONE!
  • Flush out the huge redback from my brag cabbage and well, you know! DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE!!!!! Method applied: sprinkle a mixture of bicarb and teatree oil over cabbage. Wait. Redbacks hate this stuff and she emerged! Quick death crushed with long stick!
  • Maybe make a batch of pancakes to freeze
  • Just made a kilo of Chickpea dip for less than $1. I love frugal cooking!

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