Wednesday, 12 March 2008

It's hot!

Uggghhhh I hate the last blasts of summer! 36 degrees of heat stopping me from gardening. I am itching to get outside as I have a stack of straw bales and mushroom compost to arrange artfully.

In the meantime I have been amusing myself with a couple of crafty things; patchwork quilting, cardmaking and gift making. I will post some pictures of the cards and gifts later in the week when the recipients have received them. I want to see if they can figure out what they are! Beads, bamboo yarn and a crochet hook were involved.

I had such fun crochetting. I made 8 gifts all up this afternoon and it reminded me of how much I love to crochet. I will definatly be doing more as well as learning to knit.

Now a question for anyone reading here: Can you felt acrylic wool?

Ok next brag moment. I had some fabric in my cupboard and decided that I just had to see if I could do something patchworky. Let me begin by saying that this is a trickier art than I anticipated. Sewing strips of fabric together, cutting them up and flipping the patterns does not automatically mean that things will line up. Lots of curses were flung around as the Crone decided that the abstract look would be the look of the day. Thank God I don't garden like I sew!

Anyway here are a couple of pictures to prove that I did it. Of course I now want to prove that I can do it properly so guess what is next on my list of to do's!

Edited to add that the fabric was found in a bag under a pile of clothes at the back of the room in The Teen's domain. She had to get fabric for a project two years ago. I think she must have failed said project because virgin fabric was waiting for her Mumma to use! I should also mention that she no longer calls me Mumma, I've been demoted to 'Mother'.


Crazy Mumma said...

Awesome work, I love they way you have pieced the cushions together!

Leah said...

Your quilt looks good! And, no you can't felt acrylic yarn :)

Kylie said...

Love the colours Lara!

Cascade Lily said...

*virgin fabric* - love it. YOu did a great job piecing these cushions :)

naturewitch said...

So proud of you - they look fantastic!!

Love and Light