Thursday, 10 April 2008

We have alcoholic apple fizz!

Ohhhh I just tested my cider today and it is so fizzy and definatly alcoholic! I think I will add some honey to the next brew to make a sweeter cider but this one is very very nice.

I was going to sew tonight (A lovely Cronie sent me a huge postpack filled with retro patterns) but I think a nice movie, a cuddle with The Husband and a shared bottle of cider instead!

Ain't life grand!


naturewitch said...

Hey CroneGirl

Adding honey to the cider will just make it more alcoholic. The brewing process keeps on making alcohol until it runs out of sugars to convert or until the alcohol content gets so high that it kills the yeast.

The best bet if you want it to be sweeter is to let it brew until the alcohol is formed, then add extra sugar before bottling. You need to make sure that the yeast is depleted, though, or it will start fermenting all over again and the bottles may explode!

BTW, have a tipple for me!

love and light

TheCrone said...

More alcohol hey!

I will give that a go for sure! Oh and I will bottle this lot up tonight and add some more sugar.

I have another batch brewing up for another couple of days so I shall see how that goes.

Thanks for the tip!

HipbubbyMama said...

ooh how exciting!! Is it hard to make? I LOVE cider..mmmmm ciiiiider...

Have one for me too :P

BB xx

waitingforgoth said...

Oooh, yum, cider! Might have to give that a try!