Wednesday, 18 June 2008

"Mumma, Mummmmmmmmaaaaaa!"

"Mrs G said we all have to wear a warm tracksuit tomorrow as it's going to be very cold!"

Deep breath Crone, you have the material and other stuff needed. It is going to be 4 degrees in Perth tomorrow, the Tot is right, she needs a warm winter uniform. So much for snuggling in bed with a Maeve Binchy book, you will be sewing.

Cost: Polar fleece 2 metres @$4.99 a metre. Also used leftover elastic from nappy making days.


karenmc said...

Fantastic job! And congrats on being organised & calm enough to do it on such short notice :)

Sage said...

My favourite colour as well :-)

great work and such a short period of time... me I would be panicking..