Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Bogan neighbours are going to hate me!

A bit of history for you.

My neighhours have loud all night parties with 'doof, doof' music. They use colourful language with voices like foghorns. They have been known to jump our fence and switch our pool to 'drain'. They lob their dog's fecal matter over the fence.

I can't wait until petrol hits $5 a litre so that they can't afford to rev their car engines or do burnouts in the street.

Now, the gardener's revenge :)

Lots and lots of blood and bone and bokashi bucket dregs spread all around my garden today, with particular emphasis on the fenceline between our two properties. Did I also mention that my compost heap went stinky so I just had to turn and lime it today :)


goingferal(ish) said...

Love it!!

naturewitch said...

good for you!! nothing like revenge of the compost! xx

molly said...

LMAO, you're so bad!


Susy said...

I'm so glad I don't have neighbors, just 2 empty wooded lots on either side.

Maybe you sould add some chicken bones & other goodies to make your compost pile good and ripe!

OH, my dog's "sweet potatoes" or "Lucy Castings" as we call them make my hydrangeas the prettiest ones on the block. Maybe you should try to use them for good.

Cheryl said...

Good for you Crone.....I'm on your side......

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

The doggy -do fling business is appalling!
It's hard to fathom some people.

If you're keen - our neighbours are actually selling! I can't throw far enough to land you any dog-do if you move there!