Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Just some ramblings from The Crone

I have just finished reading a post on Voluntary Simplicity. This post has struck a huge cord within me and I am just going to type my response.

If I knew that there would be no more tomorrow's for me what would I do? I would grab my children and take them out into the garden. I would spend the day playing with them, letting their interests lead me where they wanted to go. Get dirty with them in the mud, pick flowers, steal fruit, wonder at the caterpillars, collect the snails and let them feed them (rather than stomp them which is what I usually do).

I would let them play with their paints in the garden, putting little handprints all over the paving. Footprints too!

I would try to etch into their little hearts how much I love them and that I was a fun person to be with.

So now you know how I am going to spend today.


Kez said...

Beautiful sentiments. You made me cry :(

naturewitch said...

Hope you did spend today just like that. Thinking you may not have a tomorrow really emphasises just what IS important in your life and it sure ain't housework LOL!. xx

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

I read a post about Voluntary simplicity the other night - can't remember on whose blog, but it was a link to a link I followed from your blog Crone - and it mentioned the book by Duane Elg...something. I've ordered it as it looked terrific and one of those books you keep to reread over and over every so often (or when you feel you need the kick in the pants again!)
Hope you enjoyed your lovely day (here it rained to hard to be outside with snuffly kids!)

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

HI Crone - here is the page I got the book off - it was from a link from A Satisfying Journey in Simplicity, which I found through A Vision Splendid...etc etc (love how the blogging has me rambling through the all these sites!)