Friday, 5 September 2008

Foraging and a burst of spring flavours

Last night's dinner was a classic case of foraging. Wandering around the backgarden I found the following;

Garlic bulbs and green tips
the last of my winter tomatoes (can you believe that I grew tomatoes all through winter in the straw bale beds!
Salad greens

And in the fridge I had

A pumpkin
bow pasta

The tomatoes were sliced and placed in my solar oven to become 'sun dried tomatoes', the pumpkin was drizzled with olive oil and roasted in the kitchen oven. The rocket, garlic and parmesan were blended with some cashew nuts and olive oil to make a pesto.

Dinner last night was sundried tomatoes, roast pumpkin and rocket pesto pasta! Way too easy and literally a burst of sunshine in the mouth. The leftover vegetables are going into a pita bread spread with pesto for our lunch today :)

I have noticed that I have a heap of asian greens which need to be harvested soon and a ton of silverbeet. Can't decide between Chinese or Greek for dinner.


Crazy Mumma said...

Droooooooool. Wish it was sunny enough here to use my solar cooker :-( AND it's forecast to rain for another week on and off (after getting 50-100mm tomorrow apparently :-o)

Jodie said...

Now, for some of your inspiration to rub off on my 'chuck them in the ground and forget about them' approach to vegie gardening!!

chickenbetty said...

holy carp that sounds deeeelicious!
I just picked the last of my cucumbers and roma tomatoes but I have a volkswagon sized cherry tomato plant that is just starting to turn out ripe fruits - mmmmmmm

Cheryl said...

I have been following some of your food ideas and enjoying them no end.....

naturewitch said...

Mmmm, spanikopita! or saag or stirfry or spinach triangles or creamed spinach ..... xx