Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Nothing earth shattering today

Just a list of my harvest (pic to follow tonight when the Teen is in a good mood)

1kg peas
1/2 kg scotch kale
handful of springonion tops
1kg broad beans
large colander of spinach
about a bunch of celery.

All of this made;

Wasabi potato cakes (last nights wasabi mash with an egg, spring onions and a handful of polenta mixed in)

Spinach and Pumpkin lasagna (used up the last of the roast pumpkin) to be frozen as an emergency meal

Broad beans, spinach and tofu in a silken sauce (The Husband's work at home lunch)

Celery and firm tofu stir fried for The Husband's dinner (he's cooking this one)

Peas shelled into a bowl which were supposed to be frozen for later but the Tots snacked on them LOL

My garden is so productive and we are eating organic, local and feeling wonderful!


naturewitch said...

YummY! I remember as kids when we were given the task of shelling the peas that there frequently weren't many left for dinner. Fortunately, Dad had a large vege patch and didn't mind so much that we ate them raw.

Many, many children today don't ever get to know the pleasure of eating peas straight from the shell. How sad :( I guess they all think that peas come in packets from Mr Birdseye or whoever.

Really good to know you let your tots eat the peas and laugh about it. xx

Stewart said...

I hate cooked frozen peas with a passion, but one of my main gardening influences from childhood was to eat peas fresh from the garden. Now all grown up I grow peas just to eat straight from the pod. My bit of heaven on earth.