Sunday, 7 September 2008

Sharing :)

I am starting to get the the point where I have always wanted to be, being able to share my surplus.

Today I have put on offer locally my surplus collard greens, kale and onion seedlings.

I have also just picked a kilo of snow peas, and a bag of lettuce. I need to pick a heap of mustard greens but really don't know what to do with them LOL!


naturewitch said...

Hi Crone

When I have surplus, I generally give them away to other students, especially those I know are struggling or I take them into work or give them to neighbours, etc. My next door neighbour places his surplus veges out on the verge in a container with a big "free" sign.

Now what to do with mustard greens? Stir fry is great, but really you can use them any way you use other leafy greens. You could make a type of pesto with them, or they might work in a dip if they are munched up in the food processor. How about that soup you make with kale? Could you use them in that? Or what about drying them and using them in soups?

Or you could always get a goat . . . tee hee :) xx

Cathode said...

mum always just used to give surplus stuff to her friends, but last few years I have been taking the mangoes and avocados to an organic fruit shop to offload (her trees are pesticide and usually fertiliser free). This is manly because there are way more avocados and mangoes than we and our friends can get through, and Im always up for making pocket money : )
Arent mustard greens good in composting? forgot what they are supposed to kill...
We had some of our red mizuna (which is totally thriving) on our homemade pizzas today and in our accompanying salad.