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Words of wisdom are meant to be shared (1 Oct 2008)


01Words of wisdom are meant to be shared.
Uncategorized Add comments The lovely Eilleen at Consumption Rebellion has graciously given me permission to link a post of hers into here. She has recognised where I am right now and sent me this to keep me focussed and inspired.

Thank you E and may the Goddess bless you

Monday, 9 July 2007

Why what I do matters….Posted by Eilleen
I think every activist goes through a phase of questioning whether the fight is worth it… whether the little steps we take actually make a difference. When this happens to me, I go back and read this post from a fellow activist (sorry to those who have already seen this..)

To Mary - thanks for writing this and for inspiring me all over again!

The arguments for doing nothing will always be with us:

In politics (”All politicians lie.”),
in economics (”There will always be poor people.”),
in law (”Sure the judicial system is imperfect, just like everything else.”),
in business (”The market forces will correct it.”),
in society (”What are you, a Johnny Do-Gooder?”),
in the military (”War is Hell. That’s what happens.”),
in environmentalism (”The Earth is constantly changing.”),
the list goes on and on.

We now have elected representatives instead of Kings.
We now have capitalism instead of slavery and feudalism.
We now have a jury of our peers with due process instead of an Inquisition.
We now have the SEC and the BBB instead of Robber Barons.
We now have charities and social services instead of debtor’s prisons.
We now have battlefield Corpsmen instead of a reading of the Last Rights and a splash of Holy Water.
We now have anti-pollution regulations instead of the Dickensian London smog.

We got out of the caves because we refused to listen to these arguments.

There will come a time when Mankind looks back upon our time as if we had lived in caves. And they will have progressed to where they are because of a long line of people who refused to do nothing.

There is always a better way.

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1.Nat Says:

October 1st, 2008 at 7:37 am
Forget the activism side of it if it’s upsetting just now. Do it just for you. Let’s face it, economic/global issues aside, wouldn’t you still feed your kids the wonderful food you do, and have them know where it comes from and appreciate that connection to the earth and it’s cycles? i bet you would.

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