Saturday, 10 April 2010

How much stuff are you bound too?

Our family just had a couple of days away in Bunbury for a mini break (a whole other post there, let me tell you!)  and we stayed in one of those ensuite cabins.  You know the ones,  double bed at one end, tiny kitchen with table in the middle, two sets of bunk beds and an ensuite bathroom at the other end.

With the five of us it was do-able.  In fact, I mentioned to The Husband that I wouldn't mind moving into one of those type of cabins permanently once the kids have moved out (remember, the youngest isn't yet four!).  You see being in that cabin made me realise that when you are living in such a small space you are totally living in the now.  There is no other option!  You have room for the bare essentials and no room to accumalate 'stuff'.  Bliss!

Edited to add that I would insist that my thermomix be the only kitchen essential I take with me.

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Grubby Faery said...

When we lived in the one bedroom flat we had to regularly rearrange and move stuff onto the op shop. Once it was one it was soon forgotten. But now we are in a 3 bdr house the spaces are filling. The longer you hold onto it too the harder it is the part with.