Friday, 2 April 2010

The waste land

It's April. Again.

One of my favourite poets started a poem with the line

April is the cruellest month

T.S. Elliot, you obviously glimpsed into your crystal ball and saw the death gasps of my garden; first neglected by the one who is supposed to tend it then baked by the Perth summer sun.

The Waste Land is an apt title for this post. That is how my garden looks. The coffee shrub is gone. The lychee no more. Brambles are clinging on because that is what brambles do well.

There are a few secrets hidden deep in shady spots; chives, shallotts, sweet potatoes and frogs.

I am inspired to start again and know that what has survived is strong and has deep roots. I'm reading 'seeds of deception' by J M Smith and know that I have to gear up again because it is too important to keep our seeds free and organic.

Off to take pictures of the survivors and the wounded. The Teen is here so they won't be too far away :p


karen said...

Gardens are very forgiving and yours will be back where it was very soon. And I can think of a person that the comment about survivors might apply to ;)

And BTW - I made a TMX banana cake today!

dixiebelle said...

With your green thumb, some inspiration and a bit of hard work (def. some rain!), I am sure it will be thriving again soon!