Sunday, 13 June 2010

Frugal use for leftover bread

My old Granddad used to make the most amazing dessert that really hit the spot on a cold winter's night;  Bread Pudding.

NOT the custardy gelatinous mass known as bread and butter pudding (blergh) but a bread pudding which you can slice up and have cold in a lunch box the next day.

You take your old odds and ends of bread and soak them in a bowl of water until they go soggy.  Pour the lot into a colander lined with a tea towel and gently bring the ends up together and squeeze out the water.  Put the dryish mix into a bowl with a couple of eggs, a good dash of mixed spice, a tablespoon of flour and  a couple of grated spoon fuls of butter.   A handful of sultanas or mixed dried fruit and two tablespoons of sugar. 

Get your hands in and mix the whole lot squishing until it is well, mixed.

Put it into a greased dish and press down well.  Bake it in a medium oven for an hour and then serve it up with some nice English custard.

I've also been known to add some  chopped apples and a dash of cold tea to the mix if it looks a bit dry.


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