Friday, 25 June 2010

My head's exploding!

Sick again.  Sinus pain from hell, nasal drip congealing in chest.  Hacking cough that would have me promising to quit smoking if I actually smoked.

Thai chicken soup:  check
4 litre pot of ginger tea with honey and lemon:  check
three sick Chirpies asleep in their beds at 1.25 in the afternoon:  CHECK!

I'm taking Olive leaf extract and ascorbic acid to bed with me now while I put the Forsyte Saga on to watch.  I'm also tempted to grate up some ginger and mix it with flour and hot water and apply to my chest as a 'plaster' to try and break up this damn phlegm.

This is the second time this month I've caught a damn head cold.  Perhaps I should switch from Gin to Scotch!


karen said...

Much sympathy/empathy coming at you from this direction. I think I've had more colds this year than in the previous decade. Get well soon - you and the chirpies!

Belinda said...


Sinus pain. You have my complete empathy.

Try to take care and get better soon, it sound like you might be a little run down.

Em said...

hey there, long time since I dropped by :)I wanted to LYK I used to get sinus everything for most of each winter... horrible... so lots of sympathy from me xxx None this winter so far and I'm thinking it's the probiotics I've been taking - so far have sidestepped 3 bouts of cold/cough and the inevitable sinus that comes with them, which is very abnormal for me. Maybe coincidence? Have felt my body fighting off a few bouts, but it hasn't developed. Might be worth a try?? Take care and hope you are healthy again very soon, Emxx