Sunday, 1 April 2012

Revisiting old dreams

I used to write.
I used to draw.
I used to create.

All, pre children.

I had a dream yesterday that I was shown all the things I've yet to do and it disturbed me that things now are so different to how I thought my life would turn out.  So, after much reflection I've decided to try to dedicate a portion of my week to making my soul sing again.

The effort below is crap, slightly plagiarised but at 5am and taking 16 minutes, it got my brain ticking over and is a start to my commitment to myself :D

Oh and I've gotten back into the garden again but more on that later xxx's 

The 16 minute doggeral ditty at 5am.

It was five in the morning
and all through the house
just a cockroach was stirring
and maybe a mouse.

All the infants were sleeping
curled up in their beds.
With their thumbs in their mouths
and sweet dreams in their heads.

But their Mumma can't sleep
No, she's up with a drink
'cos her 'me time's' important
she needs time to think.

To think about shopping
for groceries and such,
and the washing and folding
"I might iron a touch"

If you snorted at that
you know THIS Mumma well
Cos this Mumma and irons,
"There's no way in Hell!"

So this Mumma will drink
her warm milk and reflect
on the Sunday to come,
and she'll try to inject
Some joy and some sparkle
some laughter and fun
when the Chirpies awake
with the dawn of the Sun


karen said...

I love that you're doing this :) xx

Freyja said...

Well I like it :)
I'm pleased you're devoting some time to you xx