Sunday, 20 January 2013

One of the many things I miss about Canberra

A couple of days ago I was gifted about 4kg's of grapes from a friend.  The Chirpies ate and ate and ate until the bowl just sat there looking at me, still full but ignored.  Mangoes called, plums called, even apples seemed more appealing that the thought of more grapes.

At times like this I really miss my old mate, Nature witch. I'd pick up the phone and she'd immediately inspire me to do something/anything with those grapes. We never did get together so that I could learn her skills in winemaking :(  Anyway, I grabbed my copy of Preserving the harvest and decided to make some Grape Jelly (I'm guessing it's a clear grape jam by the method used). I had no idea that the boiled up liquid from grapes was a delicious shade of pink! 

Rummaging in the fridge I also came across a kg bag of plums that I picked up from the sad table on Wednesday for 99 cents.  They were sad on Wednesday so are definitely sauce today!  Chinese style plum dipping sauce from here the only changes I've made are subbing five spice for the dried mustard and upping the sugar a bit.

The other thing I miss about Canberra? That if you knew where to look you could eat for free!  Plum trees, apricots, lemons, berries all on verges, hanging over fences of walkways mostly all fallen fruits just there for picking up, making into jams, sauces and juices, After six years in Perth I've not managed to find such a range of free abundance :(

That is unless my readers (is there anyone left?) are willing to enlighten me?

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