Tuesday, 21 May 2013

In a World of so much chaos, loss and sadness

I'm feeling very blessed today;

~ The Chirpies had an awesome self directed day of homeschooling and finished up all their work by 12.
~ Eldest daughter brought home lunch for the family so that sick Mumma didn't have to think about it.
~ Chirpies have planted out a large pot of pea seeds, raked up the leaves from the Mulberry tree, weeded around the Mulberry tree and are after more chores to do in the garden
~I've preserved a years worth of tomato ketchup
~My lemon tree is heaving with golden juice ladened orbs
~The Sun is shining warmly and all of my family are alive and in relative good health (I have a cold but you know what, if that's the least of my worries then I'm one very lucky woman)

How blessed are you today?


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Your biggest blessing is having the wisdom to see all of this. Hugs to you from another who's just as blessed. X

Kristy said...

I drift in and out of thoughts of homeschooling :)

But back on topic, yes, in the relative scheme of things I think most of us are x

Anonymous said...

I feel blessed every day. With so much sadness around us for a myriad of reasons.

Growing up we kids would complain about one thing or another and Mum always gave us the same response....."I cried because I had no shoes-until I met a man with no feet. Don't complain about the storm dance in the rain".

I think that woman brainwashed us LOL!