Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Fed up with the wankery!

Rant ahead!

Good wholesome peasant foods; potatoes, beans, lentils, seeds (quinoa and buckwheat). Things that cost minimal amounts at your local ethnic store are now mixed, cooked, baked and served at huge prices at swanky alternative cafes (as if funky blackboards and tiny tables suddenly inflate prices with each swirl of the chalk).

Vegie patties and salad $10.95! Ok ok, so the vegies were roasted in oil, honey and sesame seeds before being chilled, mashed and mixed with lentils and other binders. Tiny plates with a couple of glistening gourmet leaves (have you seen my vegie beds lately? I'm over run with gourmet frilly lettuce) and a few decorative shards of beetroot and carrot.

It would have cost $66.00 for one meal for myself and the Chirpies last Friday! What's sad is that over the road was a Hungry Jacks where I could have fed the whole family for less than $20 :(

I'm sorry but good restaurant quality food does not have to cost this much! I decided on Monday that I was going to get back on track again with prepping a heap of good wholesome foods and having them ready to cook;

*Homemade falafel mix
Dosa mix
Pakora mix
Vegie curries such as potato aloo which can be used to stuff dosa
Salads and their fixings; dried berries and nuts, cooked rice and quinoa
Roasted vegies
Rice flour rolls

The good news as well is that Miss G has been eating heaps in the last few days on this food!

*All of these recipes can be found in Higher taste the Hare Krishna recipe book or River Cottage Veg.  If you're really broke and can't afford either of these, message me and I'll send you the recipe!

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