Wednesday, 13 April 2016

"She went mad and composted her husband!"

Or whatever happened to The Crone?

The story of how Spring was reborn after a very long Winter.

You might remember how I birthed my wee Elf, Xavier in July 2009. He'd stopped moving and yes, I fell apart. I didn't handle his loss well, fell into depression and watched my garden, my passions and my friendships die.

But like everything in Nature you can't stop growth. Spring DOES return, the earth is rejuvenated after lying fallow, seeds erupt when the conditions are right.

It's taken six years and a lot of hard work and soul searching. And 1000's of Burpees.

What the Feck? 

Yeah, I know right! My journey back to me started with fitness!

I still need to reclaim my garden, the potential is there. I'm still madly frugal, I'm still passionately against all the wankery that's sold to us (have you seen the health and fitness industry? Wait until I get going on all of their shite!)

I'm still me. But I'm stronger now and I'm determined to help other women discover their strengths!

The Crone is back!


Emma said...

This is fucking awesome to read. The Crone is a powerful woman. xx

Hylde-moer said...

Welcome back, lovely!!

Rachel said...

This makes me so happy

Sue xx said...

so very proud of you...Big Love xxxx

cwmgochchronicles said...

The Crone is back IN MEGA-COLOUR!!!! VIBRANT AND ALIVE!!! So happy to see this. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back lovely lady!