Monday, 18 April 2016

Starting again and Motivation

How can I motivate you? You know it's Monday, right? All day! So did you open your eyes this morning and think

"Today's the day!"

So what's your plan?

Coffee for breakfast while you scan Instagram and look at exotic acai smoothie bowls? A quick fast food outlet wrap for lunch? Will you hit your desk at 9am and barely surface all day? But wait! You've prepped your gym bag for a class on the way home which you'll do, poorly fuelled and depleting your energy.

Life is busy! We're all swimming like crazy and sometimes just gasping for air!

We've all seen the memes about health starting in the kitchen and how our success with fitness depends upon prepping. It's the absolute truth.  Food prepping is also one of the hardest hurdles to get your head around unless you know the shortcuts!

Yesterday's post showed you a picture of all the fruit and veggies that I bought from the local veggie store. In plastic bags. Wait, what happened to that Food Forest that was growing at Wit's and (and what does this have to do with food prep?)

Here's what happened to my Food Forest; sad hey.

One of my immediate goals is to reclaim one garden bed and plant it up with some fast growing greens; Kale, silverbeet, spinach, lettuce and herbs. This will make my food prep faster and healthier, as well as getting me out into the garden doing what human bodies are designed to do; MOVE!

Ok, let's talk breakfast. What SHOULD I eat? The only thing I'm going to suggest (note: Suggest!) is that you start your day with real food.

There are lots of quotes bandied about like 

"Eat food that comes from a plant, not made in a Plant"

And you know what, that's really sensible. Add some eggs and a yummy sauce, some roasted veggies and you have an amazing nutrious breakfast that's literally going to take you right up until lunch. You want one of those smoothie bowls from the pretty pics? It's as simple as blending your favourite yoghourt with whatever the hell you like! 

I can show you how to make garlic aioli in 20 seconds if you want. You can view my video here

I can step by step make a smoothie bowl in the same amount of time (well it might take a bit longer if you want me to go forage for a nasturtium for an Instagram worthy pic)

You need Real Food to fuel your day. It's not hard, it's not deprevation and yes, you can still enjoy the treats that you like. It really is about motivation, planning and moderation.

And now, I'm going to go pick one of these golden orbs to have a lovely warm cup of lemon tea


karen said...

Just what I need to hear! Definitely better on the days when I have eggs for breakfast, esp. if I'm working at the shop from 11-4 - too early for lunch before, too late after, but a lateish breakfast of eggs see me through :)

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Food forest looks like it will easily come good. Lots of good growth in there.
P.S. Have pinched your link for my recipes page for future use. Just awesome! :)

Sharon Pegrum said...

Nailed me Lara, this is where I am at in the journey at the moment!