Saturday, 16 April 2016

Starting to pull it all together: Food, Frugality and Fitness

Oh God where to begin, or rather "How the feck do I crank it all up and pull it all together?

All of this technology stuff has moved so fast in the last few years. I'm now on Instagram as well as FB, have a FB page dedicated to all things Jungle Body with Lara as well. Getting my head back around Blogger has proved interesting; I keep looking for the 'Like' button as I read other people's long forgotten Blogs :)

I think that I might start with the basis of all Health for me; The food I eat/the food I choose to feed my family.

A quick squizz of my previous posts here would tell you that upmost in my mind is always frugality and being budget aware. I have no interest in plates or bowls of food that are aimed at the young twenty somethings with double incomes and plenty of time on their hands! Nothing wrong with that lifestyle but it's not mine and I have to talk about what I know!

....Instagram....a quick moving social media platform that is great for seeing all of the wonderful things that I can't afford. Smoothie bowls filled with Ah-mazing creations hand picked by the vestal virgins and infused with the aura's of Woodland Sprites. Ka-Ching, please part with $10!

So this morning I saw a delish looking rainbow smoothie and of course immediately craved one. Never heard of a Rainbow Smoothie? It's layers of different coloured/flavoured smoothies presented in a mason jar (hello wankery alert! Show me a drink in a mason jar and my eyes roll)

Ok, so me being me, I decided that I would recreate said Rainbow Smoothie. It was before I managed to get to the fruit and veg shop so beggars couldn't be choosers with the contents of my fridge.

I started with the base of all the smoothie layers;

2 bananas
a handful of cashews
2 medjool dates
a scoop of yoghourt

Blitzed it in the thermomix then poured a small amount into the bottom of the glass. The green layer came next;

Honeydew melon.

Blitzed that up into the left over banana mixture and layered a bit on top of the banana layer (yep, It's tricky! I used a spoon).  Ok, so now I was onto the orange layer;

2 oranges
1 red apple

Blitzed and layered again.  The purple was the easiest, frozen Blueberries. Layered on top and the end result was kind of pretty. I can see where things need jiggling but on the whole it worked, tasted delicious and there was enough for the whole family and probably cost $5 (I haven't costed it out but seriously, it was the dredges of the fruit bowl)

Pretty hey!

Health and Frugality for the win!

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Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Love it! You always inspire me. Our lifestyle *both fulltime plus study, adhd, and property* means we have succumbed to easier convenience foods more than I care to admit. Your ideas always remind me that food food is doable. So glad to have you back! ☺