Friday, 15 April 2016

Ageing crept up on me!

Well I guess that it had to happen someday, after all, I AM nearly 49.

An 'interesting' type yelled across Hungry Jacks

"Hey Nanna! Are you're grandkids always so well behaved?"

I heard the words but obviously thought that he was yelling at someone else. Some one older.

I may have responded with a very curt


And then decorously sunk my teeth (yes, still my own!) in to  my Whopper®.  Now honestly I do try to smile at people, really I do!  Call me *cough* old-fashioned if you want but  I do not respond well to strangers yelling at me across a room. 

This all begs several soul searching questions;

Why am I getting so upset about being called  "Nanna"? I mean it's true, I am one
Is getting older really such a bad thing?

I'm going to be very honest here a say yes, it does upset me that I'm not as young as I feel. I look in the mirror and the reflection I see there is not one that I recognise. When did my eyes start to get hooded? I used to have such very large eyes.

What's stuck on my cheek? How strange! Oh wait, that's a crease from sleeping! That never used to happen before.

Things that I never would have believed could bother me really are!

I was always "The young mum". That happens when you birth your first at 18. 

And now I'm not.

So I guess that I need to re-frame my beliefs about who I am as a Woman. How I age.

Do I keep trying to keep up with the younger women? That's just not possible.
TDo I learn to age 'Gracefully'? Again, that is so not possible.
Do I wallow in self pity and rail against missing out? Well maybe now and again! It truly sucks that the window of youth and firmness is so bloody short!

So what's left?

Making the most of the fabulously strong body that I do have!

I am absolutely stronger and more fit than at any other time of my life, and you know what, I bloody appreciate it because I know that it is going to keep me healthy, vital and mobile well into my twilight years.

And maybe a little therapy around why wrinkles, grey hair and menopause is proving so challenging to me!

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Anonymous said...

I love being "Nanma". Since meeting you girls I have been blessed with 2 amazing wee grandchildren, each moment is a blessing. So wonderful to hear you are doing well, best to all :)