Sunday, 27 January 2008

In the beginning there was .....


Welcome to my World, a place inhabited by numerous toddlers, a cranky teen, a husband with perpetually raised eyebrows and a variety of invading insects.

There is also an absent twenty something son who should visit his parents more often than he does!

This is going to be a journey of exploration and musings on my part with hopefully a lot of activity in my house and garden.

I am just going to write all the words which pinpoint my interests (some of these I have only jsut discovered and will be exploring you know the reason for the husband's permanently raised eyebrows!) and where this blog will hopefully lead;

The environment, my family, vegetarianism, sustainability, ethics of living, cloth nappying, gentle parenting, baby wearing, anti consumption, seed saving, gardening, real and whole foods, no lables, aquaponics, self sufficiency.

Wow, huge list hey! Wish me luck.

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