Sunday, 27 January 2008

Where are we going and what do we need to do to get there?

The big question!

I sat the husband down at the end of last year and asked him where he wanted to be in five years time and what plans had he made to get there. I am still waiting for an answer from him but hey, he is a scorpio ;)

For myself it was easy to answer. I wanted to be able to feed my family healthily from our garden, have minimal dependence on the consumption treadmill (I want us to buy less, use less, throw away less), bring my children up with an awe and respect for nature and our enviroment, and finally to have a minimum impact on my surroundings (small eco footprint) but a large impact on the lives of those I love in a positive way.

The husband snorted at this and asked if I am going through a mid life crisis! Maybe I am but surely any questioning of who I am and where I am going is one of the major questions that any human being should ask?

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