Sunday, 27 January 2008

Hunter Gathering!

I spent today gathering coriander, parsley and celery seed from my gone to seed plants. Some have been scattered around the garden and the rest bagged and labelled for later on.

I also went on a tadpole hunting spree, well I was invited to take a few tadpoles from a friend's pond. Four cute little future froggies are now swimming in my converted clamshell pond. I hope that they survive!

The husband has agreed to purchase a Solar Oven. I am sure that he has his doubts but he is being very supportive of "The little woman's hobby" SNORT!

Investigating underutalised plants right now; Never knew that you could eat Canna lilies!

Also going to check out clumping bamboo this morning. Shade, Wind breaks, building materials and bamboo shoots! Yum!

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