Monday, 28 January 2008

What a day in the garden!

I spent a mega day in the garden today. I am sitting here at the computer and every part of me aches.

I bought a 3 metre high bamboo (don't ask the price as it cost more than our food budget for a week!) and dug a huge hole in which to plant it. The husband came out to observe and offer advice on the correct way to dig, plant and position said bamboo.

Bamboo is now guarding our front door from native bogan energy (another don't ask!) ...I can feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel the positive chi already.

Strawberry planting came next, followed by transplanting the hibiscus that I rescued from the sad shelf in the nursery. I discovered that my habit of chucking seeds around the garden has paid off as tiddly coriander is sprouting everywhere.

Photos will happen tomorrow, the eldest daughter is chatting to her friends on MSN and muttering that she can't take photos in the dark.


karenmc said...

So how did you transport a 3m bamboo?

TheCrone said...

Blush, in the big red car.

molly said...

LOL@blush, you couldn't walk the thing, it makes sense.

You have things looking great, now tell me......about that bamboo???