Wednesday, 30 January 2008

She's done it, by George, she's done it!

11am and according to the BOM the temp in our area is 24.9. The thermometer in our garden is reading 29.1 and the temp in my solar oven rocketed to 55 and couldn't get any higher as that was it's limit!

I need to acquire a cooking thermometer but the pot (appropriated the slow cooker innards) is too hot to handle and there is condensation and fall back droplets into the lentils I threw in this morning.

Once the bubbling action happens I will add my homegrown chillies, coriander and garlic and it will become Dhal!

Other stuff I am crowing about atm;

My peanuts are growing!

I was musing out aloud about the possibility of growing peanuts and wondering where to buy the seed. Well peanuts must need seed right?

The Husband nearly fell off of his chair laughing at this, walked to his Chinese food cupboard and pulled out a jar of raw peanuts and waved them under my nose saying

"What the hell do you think these are?"

Dumb blank look from me.

"Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, go plant these woman!"

Well what do you know, the ecognomist was actually right; They grew!

Off to make some more yoghourt now, move the grey water hose to my other fruit trees, make a loaf of bread and then have some buckwheat bread with homemade lahbne cheese and roast peppers.

Planting Challenge: Found some spuds with eyes in the cupboard. They are now safely tucked up in the soil and watered in.

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