Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I went to bed feeling so virtuous last night

I had made a huge pot of pumpkin and lentil soup with one of the pumpkins I bought bagged up three for $1.00

Pumpkin and lentil soup.

Dice one large onion, bung in a pot with a splash of olive oil and a couple of cloves of garlic (went to ferret in Wit's End garden for some garlic)
When it's nice and soft and browned, throw in one large butternut pumpkin peeled and diced.

Cover the lot with water and add some vegetarian stock cubes to taste.

Add a cup of red lentils.

Cook until cooked and looks like pumpkin soup.

I served this with a baguette warmed in the oven (Farm girl's recipe)

The family loved it and it cost me less than $2 to feed the six of us, with leftovers for my lunch today.

So what went wrong this morning and caused this major flump that I am in?

Tot 2 woke looking pale and exhausted, was coughing like mad and then threw up. This meant that my plan to catch up with two cronies was put on hold.

Tot 1 went to school and I asked her teacher to check out this weird glue like substance in the tot's hair....Can I swear here? Frigging Crawlers! Yes, Nits!

There goes the entire morning.

Off to the shops for crawler killer (chemical free etc), feeling mighty stressed by this point so a couple of bars of chocolate also go in as well. Turn my nose up at the Crudbury's and manage to find some nice organic stuff at an exhorbitant price (there goes this weeks budget!)

So, overbudget, behind on cleaning, it's 1pm and I have only just put on the bread and a pot of soup for tonight. I have eaten 250grams of chocolate and I didn't get to meet up with my friends.

Insert lots of very rude words into the blank space above!

The good news for the day is that I did an ecological footprint calculator which I found on another blogger's site and my footprint came in at 2. Can I go back to feeling a bit virtuous or do I come across (as I think) as a bit of a prat!


Crazy Mumma said...

Oh ick, I hope you can get rid of the nits ASAP *shudder*. On the other hand, well done on your footprint, I wish I could get mine so low! You are inspirational :-)

karenmc said...

No - you're not a prat - at least as long as you don't going asking how the rest of us are going too often :P I agree - you're an inspiration!

molly said...

WTG with the soup, it's great to have a win like that!

Here's a tip that will help with the nits:

Put some lavender oil in a spray bottle with water, about .5 ml oil to 500 mls of water

Spray it over the little ones hair each day when getting ready for school.

That does two things, gets rid of any tangles when combing and makes sure nits stay well clear.

I have used it the whole time my children were in school, despite their classes being infested over the years mine always managed to avoid them with that potion.

An alternative is the electric nit comb, just brush through their hair everyday as they get in from school, electrocutes any nits that may have come home with them, somewhat expensive to buy but my girlfriend had hers for eons.


TheCrone said...

Thanks for the tip on the nits Molly! Will give that a go from now on.

Anonymous said...

Anything that blocks the oxygen supply to the dear little nits will kill them. Olive oil or conditioner combed through the hair & left overnight will do the job, without gassing the entire family