Sunday, 24 February 2008

Quiet for a reason

Last week I cut my finger along the rim of a tub of King Island double cream. I saw it in the marked down bin and thought "why not!"

This was on Thursday. Finger still hasn't healed properly and the cream wasn't any better than a cheaper variety. Lesson learned; Stick to nice safe easy to open homebrand!

Too much Stuff.

The Husband is going to China in a couple of weeks. He just asked me what he should buy over there for the kids.

"Toys?" Nope. I don't want more plastic junk in the house
"Clothes?" Nope, they have enough clothes to last them another three years (my gymboree addiction got way out of hand last year.
"Shoes for you?" Nope, China doesn't make womens shoes in Hippo size.
"Jewellry?" Nope it gets lost or broken when I garden. I'm not a trophy wife or a Christmas tree; I don't need to be decorated.

Our house is overflowing with too much stuff. I am in a major decluttering mood right now and the time has come to say goodbye to old dvd players, old laptops, and things falling out of cupboards.....ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH.

So then he asks

"What do you want then?!?"

Straw, manure, sleepers, poly pipe and star pickets. I'm easy to please hey!

Some brilliant news!

I chucked some organic soy beans (I soak these to make my own soy milk) which I had forgotten about into a bare patch in the garden on Wednesday. Lo and behold I can see a leaf poking up here and there! I will take some pics in a couple of days when it's easier to see the leaves. This is one more "let's see what happens" for my growing challenge!


Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

Ouch - do you have any triguard or other handy stuff to stick on it?

As for China, how about iPods so you can download talking books for the tots...or you could just ask for your share of the trip costs in aquaponic materials ;).

TheCrone said...


I am so anti Ipods it's not funny. I'm not convinced that having noise so close to ones ears is an ok thing.

I really sound old now don't I rofl!

karenmc said...

IKWYM about the 'stuff'. I'm at a point that when someone asks what I want for my birthday or Christmas, I can say "Nothing" and really mean it.

Just as long as S doesn't bring the MIL home :P

Crazy Mumma said...

ROFL! Hubby suggested a trip away for our 10th anniversary this year, and I insisted I'd rather spend the money on a wood-fired oven!

Hope your finger is feeling better?

Melinda said...

I love your method of gardening ; ). Where are you located by the way, that you're able to plant all these things out so soon?! And/or what zone are you in?

Welcome to the Growing Challenge, by the way!

TheCrone said...

Hiya Melinda!

I am in the Australian Temperate zone

And yes, I tend to grab things and plant just to see if they grow!

My piece of sugar cane took root last year and is merrily growing both in pots and the ground now!