Tuesday, 26 February 2008

My dilemma

Here is the question;

How do you do a fun birthday party for a tot's 5th birthday without all the 'gimme more' hoopla surrounding modern parties?

I hate the trend of bigger better and make sure you have a pony ride.

I also just can't bring myself to do the "two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun" routine either. We are vegetarian and just don't want to buy into the plastic consumerism of the Golden Arches.

So help me out here people; How do I make my little girl's eyes light up magically whilst being true to my ideals of frugality and down to earthness?


goingferal(ish) said...

J had a 'pink fairy pony princess party' for her 5th. We asked everyone to come in their fave dress-up, dh and a friend face painted and we did pass-the-parcel (wrapped in newspaper) with a cheap little plastic dinosaur in each layer. Big hit. Best thing was that dh painted a My Little Pony on a big piece of cardboard and I cut out a bunch of tails which the kids then decorated themselves at the beginning of the party while others were having their faces painted. It was cheap and fabulous!

karenmc said...

I need to do the party thing this year, and am dreading it. I was thinking about an 'experience' party - T is keen on going to Questacon, but admittedly the main attraction of that for me is the walk in-walk out element.
Picking a theme, and then working around it within what you find acceptable is probably the way to go. You just need something to do, something to eat, and something to take home that fits the theme. Good luck! *grin*

Crazy Mumma said...

Please let us all know how you go! Miss 4 is already planning her Bigger-than-Ben-Hur 5th birthday party, and it's not until October!! I don't want to disappoint, but.. well... Sigh...

Jodes said...

What about hosting a party at home with all the old style games?

You know, games like Pass the Parcel, Pin the Tail, Treasure hunt etc.

You could have homemade lollies or biscuits for the prizes and send the kids home with something simple as a party favor. Boosmum made "Wand Biscuits" for Bella's 4th Birthday last week and the pic on her blog looks fab!

molly said...

Perhaps a pinata filled with home made treats?
Best of luck, I'm sooooo glad those days are behind me LOL

Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

Issy went to a "cup cake" party last night, where they decorated their own cupcakes then got to bring them home as party favours. The host also sewed them each their own apron to use then take home.

My most popular 5yo parties have been at home with a theme. What does G like at the moment?