Sunday, 2 March 2008

February: A month of extremes

Well it's time for me to write up for myself what has worked in February and what hasn't.

I have realised that I have so very very much to learn about gardening in Wit's End. I never realised that pockets of my garden can reach temperatures of 48 degrees. So far I have lost;

1 blueberry
one lot of sweet potatoes
1 bayleaf tree
1 pineapple (my cut from the top and planted one)
a large bush of currant tomatoes
a row of lettuces.

In desperation I have planted a row of geranium cuttings in front of my current row of lettuces; let's see if they can protect them a bit.

My budget is still on track. A couple of blowouts in one week still divided up monthly to an acceptable amount and we are still coming in under $100 in all weeks and as low as $70 in some.

Shopping. Still managing to not shop. This is really hard for me at the moment and the constant stream of Peter's of Kensington/homecouture/gymboree junk mail needs to be blocked from my emails.

Frugal living: I am enjoying making our foods from scratch. It has been an eye opener to me just how healthy the family is now that we don't eat processed foods. The next challenge on my list is to reduce gluten and dairy from our diet as much as possible. This is to see if it helps one of our tots who is ASD. It has taken me more time to cook this way but is mainly an issue of planning.

Still having great success with making our washing liquid myself with grated soap, borax and essential oils. Love using white vinegar and bicarb to clean everything else. I may have said before that having a cleaning cupboard which can't poison my tots is the best feeling ever!

I am going to try the recipe for homemade toothpaste which is on Consumption Rebellion. E, I am going to tell the world once again that you are inspiring!

Tot's birthday: I have decided to follow the Apprentice Domestic Goddess suggestion with the decorate your own cupcakes/aprons theme for the Tot's 5th birthday. Thank you K!

Knitting: Well this challenge just did not happen for me. I will try again this month but cutting my finger put paid to so many of my projects. I found that I again got caught up in the 'click, click post lifestyle that is so easy for me to get sucked back into.

So things on the list to do for March:

Organise Tot's birthday party aprons
Get more beds organised for planting.
seriously look at summer shade protection
make toothpaste :)
Spend less time on essentially boring sites
find other ways to connect with my friends interstate.
Plant, plant plant!
Keep making cloth pads
Have some quiet time for myself.


Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

"find other ways to connect with my friends interstate."

Dare I comment that it's cheaper to fly interstate than, say, to China?

Melinda said...

Bummer to have lost all those plants! I use 50% shade cloth on my greens, and they're ok throughout the summer (up to 110F). And I interplant radishes with the pole beans - that worked really well last year.