Friday, 1 February 2008

The monsters hiding in my garden

Today has been a day of action; with gloves and brave attitude I have been de-Redback'ing our garden.

I hate spiders. I really REALLY hate spiders. Red backs especially.

Now the boxes I use to grow my seedlings in are stacked and piled on top of bricks, perfect Redback territory. The Husband has told me on several occassions that spider hunting is my domain as he will not willingly cause the death of any sentient being. Not being Buddhist myself I neither share his attitude towards spiders or understand it. Spiders are horrid, ukky, poisonous things and I am sure they make clicking snapping noises (I've seen The Chamber of secrets).

So gloves on. Big stompy shoes on. Let's get those boxes shifted.

Did I mention that I hate spiders?


Crazy Mumma said...

LOL! I also *hate* spiders, but the thought of stomping on them (or any other pests actually) makes me nauseous! Bit of a dilemma for me, LOL.

goingferal(ish) said...

Come do mine next? I don't want to spray (especially as the next door neighbours had a chook die doing so) but the toddler poking around in the potplants makes me nervous!

TheCrone said...

Hey Feral(ish)!

That was the reason that I had to move the planter boxes; Miss A was giggling playing with the messy webs!

Crazy Mumma I also feel ill at the thought of stomping on spiders as I am sure that they are going to unfold their legs and stomp on me! It was either stomp or spray and I just couldn't bring myself to spray them.

I found half a dozen huge Redbacks BTW.