Thursday, 14 February 2008

Seeds, seeds, seeds!

Yesterday I went nuts and bought a whole heap of seed! I bought;

Carrot, cosmic purple
eggplant, turkish orange
reosentraube tomatoes
lettuce mixed
rough d'hiver lettuce
All organic and all fast growers! Happy dance time!

I want to try and get another crop in as I lost all of my carrots last week to the really hot weather. The comfrey is to grow my own mulch and compost additive and the aragula (rocket) is because I adore it!

I feel so despondant some days when I am looking online at what other people are achieving; The Husband is a thinker not a 'do-er' so he finds my obsession with shade protection and mulch mildly amusing.

I look at all his economic papers and see a good source of toilet paper if we ever needed it ;)

One step at a time, Crone, one step at a time.

I've killed another plant through neglect.

I planted a gorgeous healthy bayleaf tree a couple of weeks ago. Of course I totally forgot about it in the nice secluded spot I chose. Let's just say that I now have a huge stash of sun dried bay leaves in my spice cupboard. :(

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Beo said...

Comfrey is a fantastic plant! I try to harvest the fronds before they flower too strongly -I waited to long last year and suddenly have several mini confrey's in the path near my compost piles... At least it makes it easier compost them!