Saturday, 29 March 2008

The day The Cat decided to earn his biscuits.

Or the day The Cat made his first kill.

I wandered out into the backgarden this morning with my large cup of coffee to appreciate my domain and what did I see?

The Cat (black and named Felix by the Teen. However, The Cat keeps telling me that his name is Phoenix!) was playing with his first kill (that we know of)

It looked like a large black rat. I yelled at the Teen to come and praise her baby and she hurried out to view his trophy.

Dead. Silence. Followed by

"Felix!" and a strangled scream.

"Mum, he's killed a guineapig!"

There's no tail (or head for that matter anymore) and the fur is long and silky with a gorgeous white patch on the chest.

How/where/WHY did he get hold of a guinea pig? Was it someone's escaped pet? Will I see 'Lost/Reward' posters up at the local shops? Was it a feral Guinea Pig? Is there such a thing? Are my lettuces going to be ravaged by invading hordes of nocturnal nibblers? Should I be worried?

Ok, guilt for the Guinea Pig aside; I have bought three Inga's for the growing challenge. Now they are fast growing, nitrogen fixing 'trees' so I figured that they would be great for the soil at Wit's End. However I have since found at Daleys that they come with a weed warning. Great, so I now have the potential of invasive ice cream bean trees and Guinea Pigs!

Now for some pics for the Growing challenge to update how fast things are growing here!

The soybeans

The strawbale bed after just two weeks growth! Check out how much the beans have grown!

I have noticed a lot of settling in the mushroom compost and put this down to the breakdown of the sublayer of my own compost which I used as the base. When this lot have finished cropping I will put more mushroom compost in to top it up.

And below, just one week after planting, my kales, collards and broad bean seeds!


molly said...

Oh no....and to think I've planted 3 of these in the backyard, even took pics to post on my blog!

I am wondering if I need to put them into very large pots to restrict growth, nah, I love nothing better than pruning and shredding for compost LOL

Heres to the ice cream bean!


naturewitch said...

Wow! Love the straw bale bed - looks like things do really well in it. Must try it when I can get some straw bales.

love and light xx