Monday, 24 March 2008

Freecycle, chocolate and plastic surgery

On Friday I was blessed to receive a bag of retro children's patterns from a lovely person on Freecycle. A week or so ago I was checking out a few of the sewing blogs I enviously view and saw that one of the clever Mums sews gorgeous clothes for Tots using retro patterns. Of course I immediately said to myself that I must go op shopping again and see what I can find. Well as you know, if you ask the Goddess, she will provide and this time she provided via freecycle!

The rest of the weekend passed me by in a bit of a mad gardening frenzy trying to keep myself out of a chocolate coma; The Tot's received an obligatory egg and bunny each but the Twenty Something Son turned up with a large box of handmade chocolates for the Ancient one. Yum and guilt with each mouthful.

Monday was supposed to bring the return of The Husband. What it brought however was Tot 2 pushing Tot 3 off of the slide. Lots of blood gushing from a gaping wound to her upper lip and a split about a centimetre up as well. Plastic surgery happened on Tuesday night. I think it's now time for me to have a nice cold gin.


HipbubbyMama said...

Hi there, Ariele from EB here :) Wanted to say I'm loving your blog! The retro patterns sound awesome, you must post some of your creations form there here. And I hope Tot 2 is well on her way to recovery! Poor baby..

TheCrone said...

Thanks Ariele! Great to see you here.

I will be diving into my sewing cupboard as soon as I have cleaned and tidied today; I am just itching to get started.