Monday, 21 April 2008

Have I mentioned that I'm tired?

I don't know whether it's me getting older, running around after three tots, or dealing with the Graves Disease (did I mention that I have this?) but I am getting really tired lately.

I know that it's not because I am vegetarian because my blood work (blood tests every month) shows that my iron levels are brilliant so I am going to pin the blame on the tots!

The Teen was a total love today. She babysat for me for the entire morning while I played in the garden. I have planted, weeded and spread sheep manure. I also managed to prune some of my 'nurse' trees so that more light and air can circulate now that summer has gone.

So what did I plant?

A blueberry
Climbing Spinach (This is for my growing challenge this week!)
Artichokes (Thank you Hardworking Hippy for the inspiration, you can never have enough artichokes!)
A nectarine
More Spinach

I also put a heap of sheep manure over the potato bed to prepare for planting on the weekend. Tot 1 helped me scatter some collard green seeds around the beds 'just to see what happens', and a dear friend gave me a bucket full of plants for the pond.

Now I think about it, perhaps it's just hard work that has made me feel ten years older than god.


molly said...

Lordy, we have something else in common, a bodgy thyroid LOL!

Mine though is the opposite to yours, hypothyroidism...I only need to LOOK at something sweet and the pounds will add up...a constant battle to keep the weight off.

We live tired, it never goes away, at least mine doesn't, bloody annoying..but I always think we could be worse off... I keep trying to remember that old expression:
I cried cos I had no shoes, till I saw a man with no feet. It helps, most days lol


Slender Octopus said...

Yes I have Graves too....disease that is...not actual graves in my backyard..that would be spooky :)

Nathalie said...

Hi there!
I noticed yo umentioned you needed to find coffee plants in WA, so i asusme you live in WA. Can I ask then, where you got the blueberries from? We live outside of Perth and are having heaps of trouble getting any in. Currently we have a nursery doing a search for us - something about the Eastern states nurseries not sending berries to WA anymore? please help!
Nat (Cwm Goch Chronicles)

TheCrone said...

Hey Nathalie!

I bought the blueberries from the Guildford Nursery. They had heaps so I would give them a call just to check.

Fellow Thyroid sufferers, isn't it the pits!