Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Buying local

There are so many reasons we should buy local. With food, freshness and the vitality of our food is paramount for nutrition; this means that the least amount of hours from the farm/garden to our plate. The first choice of course is growing your own, the second is to shop locally buying locally grown produce.

Now most of us know this and actually do do this with our food. But what about the other things we consume? I mentioned in an earlier post that I itemised my household products and found very few were made in Australia, let alone locally. Go and track the footprint of your flatpacked/needs some assembly bookcase! I bet the 'wood' came from Indonesia, the product made in China, sent to Europe to be packaged and then to Australia to be freighted to the different State stores! Scary how much that cheap bookcase really costs!

Another group of products that most women use is skin care. If you don't make your own (and there are some great recipes out there if you have the time) what do you do? How do you buy local with skin/body care?

A Cronie from NSW has just started up her own company doing just that. Gifts that pamper make a lovely range of organic soaps as well as other products. C has been working on a facial scrub and has finally perfected it and releasing it for sale. The soaps are just gorgeous (I leave them around the house and they gently scent the rooms) and I can't wait to try her scrub.

One day I may make my own soaps and skincare but for now I have switched to an Australian company. I'm just waiting for the day C starts making perfumes!

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dixiebelle said...

I think we need more Locavores... your words are so true, Crone!