Saturday, 26 April 2008


So much to do, so many children to distract me!

I want/need to plant more, sew more, fix my damn knitting as I stuffed up the ribbed section, build the chook house, find coffee plants in WA!

Off to read 'Corduroy bear goes to the doctor' for the 50th time!


Crazy Mumma said...

LOLOLOL, I'm right there with you! Only here, it's "Corduroy loses a button" ;-)

molly said...

You will be amused to know that having read about your dexterity in all self sufficiency matters I am taking on knitting...OMG, this will be a hoot if it's anything like my sewing attempts years ago!!

I found a great learners book on knitting and crocheting on the vintage treasures site

I will post how I go, we could do with a few giggles LOL!

Blessings :)