Monday, 7 April 2008

Ants, potatoes and the garden fairy

No matter where I potter in the garden I am immediatly crawled all over with ants! I hate the bloody things! Now please don't tell me that they are a vital part of the decomposing process and the world would be a mess without them, I don't want to hear it! My skin crawls when I think of ants and I am like woman possessed when they appear in my kitchen!

Anyway, the reason that I am disturbing the ants is that I am clearing one of the beds of cooch and debris so that I can get my potatoes in soon. It appears that in Perth you can start planting spuds about now so tis time for me to enrich the soil and pile it high with manure and straw while the seed potatoes chit.

I also planted more spinach seedlings today. Spinach and kales would have to be one group of vegetables that I need in my life. Don't ask me why I love them so much but I could eat them at every meal in some shape or form. I have even made mermaid's tresses for The Husband (wash your kale, dry well on a tea towel and shred with a sharp knife. Heat oil up nice and hot and bung in your greens. Cook until nice and crunchy, drain well and sprinkle with ground sea salt)

I had the two youngest tots in the garden with me this morning while I was preparing the potato bed and was watching them in their 'garden bed' aka the sandpit. Tot 2 asked me if I had any seeds for them to plant, so I gave them both a handful of broad bean seeds each. They promptly went and planted them in their bed and watered them in.

If they don't grow much I think the garden fairy will go out one night and plant some broad bean seedlings; What do you think? ;)

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karenmc said...

Definitely get that garden fairy out there with her magic seeds :) Got to encourage the potential gardeners!