Sunday, 6 April 2008

Venturing hesitantly down the quilting path...

A group of cronies have been learning to quilt. We all challenged each other to start and have been supporting each others efforts with praise and accolades.

I chose a bunch of fabrics in Earthy tones with the intent to make a wall hanging for above my bed as a present to myself. The pattern chosen was a simple basket weave block one.

I cut super carefully (apart from the one block where I got distracted and cut a 10" instead of 11")
I sewed more carefully than I have ever sewn before with my 1/4" foot...
So why the hell didn't the blocks line up properly? Am I just really really pernickety about seams meeting and matching? Are they meant to match up?

I love a glorious haphazard riot in the garden but not with my sewing!

Here it is...

On the gardening front:

Today I planted some violets (for my soul), some more cape gooseberries, a ferny thing The Husband wanted, a red passionfruit and some more silverbeet. I have decided that I need to plant things for my soul as well as edibles for my body. The World needs beauty as well as practicality!

Oh and a huge surprise for me the other day which I forgot to post about; Soy bean pods are furry!

Strawbale bed update: Less than a month in and we are picking greens to eat for all of our dinners now. The Husband is impressed.


naturewitch said...

Hi L

Really impressed. Your work looks quite neat and the colours go well together. Those 1/4" seams can be quite a challenge, so well done!


Emma said...

It's a quilting mystery and it happens to us all at times for no apparent reason. Take note of Helen's byline and fudge it the way we all do!

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic! Lots of straight lines and everything, LOL. Well done!

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic - lots of straight lines! Well done!