Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Son is here again, bearing gifts

The Son has returned for a flying visit to Wit's End bearing gifts! Well, he brought his wallet and said the words that warm the cockles of my heart

"Come on Woman, let's go plant shopping!"

So what did he get me for my birthday?

A Medlar
2 more climbing spinach (see below)
bags of manure (he told all of his friends that he was buying shit for his mother's birthday!)
1 lemongrass.

The medlar has a rather unattractive looking fruit which can be eaten, cooked into jams and jellys and made into wines ;)

While I was at the nursery I asked them if they had any arrowroot. Once again I was told that it isn't found anywhere in WA! So I am putting the word out here; If anyone in WA has any arrowroot, would you be willing to spare a root cutting?

Hmmmm, just a question for you all; The Son was talking about nursing homes last night with The Teen. Should I be worried?


naturewitch said...

Hi Crone

Daley's is now mailing to WA, but they need to spray, etc (yuk!) and there is an extra charge. Read all about it at
They definitely have arrowroot and some other things you may be after

NW xx

TheCrone said...

Just did a test checkout NW;

Name Qty Price
$7.90 Delete
Dwarf Coffee Tree - Catui
$25.80 Delete
Grumichama - Black

(Popular:Australia) $12.90 Delete
$9.90 Delete
Sub Total $56.50
WA cost for Spraying, Packing and Quarantine $41.95 Learn More
Freight $44.55 (0.42)
Total $143.00

that's nearly $90 for spraying and freight! I think I will try and source locally!

Thanks anyway Sweets!

molly said...

Hey Lara

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday, heres to a super year ahead