Friday, 18 April 2008

Telling you where to go!

I have been out pondering a few things this morning;

Why do the healthiest pumpkins self seed in my compost meaning that I have to go and start another heap?

Why do ants build a nest right under the thatch of cooch grass that I am trying to remove?

Should I do a "how to begin with your garden post"?

Well the answer to the last question is simple: NO! Instead I will point you towards some of the fantastic blogs on the left of this site.

Scarecrow's site: Everything you could possibly need to know about starting up in an Australian Garden. Scarecrow has put together tutorials that even I can follow.
Down the lane: Everything you could possibly need to know about starting up in an English Garden
Aussies Living Simply: You want to know about frugal lifestyles/peak oil/gardening tips/how to boil an egg with a piece of string and a safety pin, go here!
Nature Witch: She has just started blogging but keep going back to her blog as she has an amazing wealth of knowledge. NW built her own home, kept a cow, goats, chooks. Homebrews, cooks from scratch (knows how to make her own cheese) and can knit and sew anything! You need an answer to a tricky question, ask NW!
Doing it Naturally: Molly is another West Australian who is walking the same path as I am trying to walk. She inspires me with many of the questions she asks. I usually go out to the garden and attack cooch after reading Molly's questions. The garden is where I zone out and things come to me.
Hardworking Hippy: OMG she is living the life I want to live! Self sufficiency in a French farmhouse, bliss bliss bliss! The Husband knows that if I was to ever leave him it would be for a Frenchman with a farm!

Several of the other blogs to the left are also ones which inspire me for many different reasons. Most are dear friends and also struggling to learn all they can about gardening as well.

The newest additions to my blogroll are the crafty ones. I have always been a gardener; not the let's grow prettys type, more your "You never know when there will be a WWE that will necessitate growing your own food!" (I grew up at the knee of a Depression/WW2 Great Grandfather)

Craft has become something I have taken up since I have hit my 40's. I have fallen in love with knitting, quilting and crochet. I keep reminding myself that these are skills I may have to utilise in the future. Perhaps I should go and learn how to spin :p

So, have fun reading the blogs I have linked and hopefully they will inspire you too.


molly said...

Hey L

Thank you for those very kind words, but you know I visit your blog for inspiration...much of what you post has me revisiting my opinion on something, learning or simply appreciating a thought...gawd we are good arent we LOL!!!

Blessings :)

HipbubbyMama said...

Thanks for this list-I'm just starting to learn about gardening, so I need all the help I can get :)