Monday, 5 May 2008

Gardening Dreams

You know the drill; "I had a Dream..."

Deep in the land of Nod and some bloke appears and takes me to a classroom. Now this is not my usual type of 'bloke' dream, Johnny Depp is more my thing.

This was some old bloke and he was giving a group of us gardening lessons or to be more precise, he was stuffing manure in some kind of horn and telling us we had to bury them in our gardens, to be used later.

Off to Google "burying manure"

Thank you Karen for that link! I sort of knew which direction my dream was leading too and that link is fantastic.

Boy have I had a busy day today; I have just put a heap of recipes on at the Crone's Cauldron, knitted in a picot hem on Tot 2's knitted dress (Note: Knitted in, not hemmed up! This is major stuff for a novice knitter!) Did my usual clean up after the mad weekend mess here at Wit's End and am now sitting down smelling my homemade asparagus soup in the crock pot. I can't believe that we are still getting lots of spears every day. When we lived in Canberra the season was only a few weeks long. These plants are throwing up spears every day!

Cheese toasties and cream of asparagus soup tonight, followed by leftover sticky date pudding. Life is good isn't it!

hehehe, forgot to add that I planted an Indian Guava and a celeriac plant today for the growing challenge.


karenmc said...


p3 - Biodynamic preparations

Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

I got this when I googled:

Perhaps you're being called, L :)...

naturewitch said...

sounds like a definite biodynamic call . . . wonder who the old bloke was?

envious about the asparagus - my ferns are all yellow-brown now and dying down for winter, but i will feed them and mulch them late winter and have a fabulous crop for spring!

NW xx