Thursday, 1 May 2008

I want, I want! I WANT!!!

I had a meltdown last night.

Just in case you think that I am all sweetness and light, hug a tree and "Oh, look at the pretty colours in your aura", let me set you straight.

I took the Tots on a playdate yesterday which resulted in a serious case of the green eyed monsters for me. We went to this house which is really really lovely; light, spacious, airy and BIG! Everything was in order, clean and dust free (Let me just say here that the daughter and the mother are really lovely too :)).

Well I came home and was confronted with the usual state of mayhem and mess which can be found at the midget house/Wit's End. Now a Taurean in a mood is not a pleasant entity. A Taurean in a jealous snit is even worse. The Teen tried to tell me that even if I had a McMansion I would still hang the walls with tapestries and burn incense. The Son constantly tells me that I have turned every garden I've ever had into the Somme.

It was a battle last night between my inner hippy and my inner materialistic bitch. The Inner Hippy won by stuffing the materialistic bitch full of curried lentils.

This brings me to a fantastic post by Naturewitch (I am blessed with very wise friends)

Ten things I am grateful for:

1. I'm alive, upright and breathing on my own steam.

2. I have a fantastic loving family around me who are all healthy.

3. I have unlimited potential.

4. I have a sense of humour.

5. I have freedom. If I want to live anywhere I can (after I convince The Husband that is)

6. I have food and the ability to buy and grow my own food.

7. As Nature Witch pointed out, I have access to fresh air and clean water

8. I have the choice to stay at home or go out to work; I am eternally grateful for that

9. I have found a group of friends who 'get' me and love me despite my odd fancies and notions

10. I have a safe roof over my head every night.

11. I can cook. Yes, I can make a sticky date pudding that will bring tears to your eyes.

So here's the challenge - what are ten things you are grateful for?

ps. Huge hugs for the friend who sent me my belated birthday gift! It arrived safely and is now being well tended.


molly said...

LMAO @ the "colours of your aura" comment, gawd, I nearly choked on my bloody coffee!

You sound REAL to me Lara, who wants to be a slave to all that space, I'd rather be in the garden and live in something smaller!

We all do things differently, that doesn't make one way better than another, just our own paths, which we can be comfortable with and grow old in.

LOL at the comments your kids made, I am so glad I am not the only one getting comments like that!

Here's to kids and their priceless perceptions!


naturewitch said...

Haven't had such a good laugh in a long time. I say big, schmig! tidy schmidy! Agree with Molly - would much rather have a smaller house and more time in the garden.

Keep smiling! xx