Saturday, 31 May 2008

Getting my priorities right!

Just planted my first coffee shrub! I am drooling in advance thinking about the aroma of roasting beans :)

We have also just planted a nashi fruit, a josephine pear (it's pollinator), and a lychee.

Did anyone in Perth get hit by the massive storm we just had? I decided to get out of the garden five minutes before the rain belted down and the thunder woke all of the tots. We had a huge amount of rain, just perfect for soaking in my new trees.

Now that I have bought my coffee shrub, let me share where I bought it from

They have curry plants for $5! I have seen these in other nurseries for over $15. Joe's selection of tropicals is just wonderful and I have my eye on starfruits, more roseapples and hawaiian guavas. There are also brazillian cherries and jackfruit which are on the Crone's wishlist ;)

A book I have just taken out of the library is 'Laurel's kitchen'. Going to see if I can find a secondhand copy around somewhere because it has the most amazing vegetarian recipes.

A recipe I have just discovered (from an sbs cooking show about two weeks ago) is turkish carrot dip.

Fry up a finely diced onion in some olive oil
Chuck in some grated carrot when the onion is nice and soft
when the carrot is nicely wilted, add some salt to taste.
Mix in some natural yoghourt (enough to make it look dippy)

We all love this dip and snack on this with homemade pitta bread.


molly said...

Hey Lara, we haven't received a drop of rain yet from that storm you guys had. I am actually hoping it will stay away until at least Monday night, I have a ton of work to get done in the garden this w/end!

How hard is the processing of the coffee beans once you have grown them?

Brazillian cherry tree, chocolate pudding fruit and peanut butter tree are all on my wish list!

Hope you are enjoying the w/end now that storm is gone!


TheCrone said...

Ohhh would that be a black sapote Molly?

I have one of those, just waiting for it to grow higher than my knees!

molly said...

Yes, the black sapote, I believe it is delicious! Same with the peanut butter tree...I cant wait to grab a couple, grow and taste...time, gawd it's frustrating at times, I want them in the ground and all 5' tall now LOL