Sunday, 1 June 2008

My confession.

The Tots have been up since 'sparrow's fart', sorry for the description but what else would you call 5am?

So I am being a bad bad mother right now and have stuck them in front of the electronic babysitter watching "Lilo and Stitch".

Now for my true confession;

I love Elvis Presley! Yep, the girl who rocked her way through the teen years singing songs by the Sex Pistol and the Dead Kennedy's, has discovered that at the age of 40+, The King's voice sends shivers down her spine and makes her toes curl ;)

I might have to go borrow some cd's from the library and smuggle them into the house (I would never live it down, The Husband would die from laughter!)


naturewitch said...

Now I'm getting really worried - you must try to get out more!!! LOL


Leah said...

I can relate - Roy Orbison is my new fave (blush)

TheCrone said...

Hey Leah, Happy Birthday!

I love Roy Orbison too!

molly said...

LOL@toes curl, hubby wont be the only one crackin up, thats as bad as my penchant for country music, you know, those songs where the dog died, the g/friend left, his car was repoed etc etc LOL!!